about the artist

grayson izekiel colbert

photo by landyn pan


grayson is a young black and indigenous queer artist, tattooer, and model born and raised in chicago, illinois and currently living and working in brooklyn, new york. they are a recent BFA graduate of parsons school of design in new york city, with a major in fine arts and a minor in printmaking.

when they are not working or studying, you'll find them cooking and baking, spending time with loved ones, sniffing out the latest vegan food spots, or engaging in local activism.


my work focuses on personal and community identity, and queer/trans life, love, and relationships.

i am always experimenting with new techniques, materials, and concepts to further establish my artistic voice.

work with me!

have an upcoming project? i'd love to collaborate with you! 

i'm available for commission work, branding and logo design, vending or tattooing at pop-ups and events, and mural work.

get in touch with me using my contact form to inquire.

artist statement

The complex intersections of marginalized identity heavily inspire my art-making process. My work functions in the same way that the melting pot of the communities that I place myself within do, separate entities living in unity. Most of my work deals with transness, the body, community, and relationships. My multimedia works employ a variety of materials and ways of working that come together into a cohesive whole for a shared common interest: forming my personal experiences, thoughts, joys, and struggles as a Black, trans, queer person into something very public. 

Some of the mediums I use include drawing, painting, sculpture, and textile work. My textile pieces incorporate drawing, text, hand-sewing, personal objects, and printmaking such as cyanotype and linocut. These pieces harp on the relationship of fabric and textile to the body through their shared vulnerability and ability to be cut and stitched, transformed, and molded into something new, much like the ways that I have changed through my physical transition. These same sentiments are brought up again in the literal permanent body alterations that I perform on members of my community as an act of love and connection. My 2D drawings and paintings exist in a world full of color, from rainbows to the trans pride flag colors. This world of color celebrates transness and queerness, embraces what makes us different, and puts marginalized bodies and experiences on a pedestal. Just as it is difficult for me to place myself within a box of specific identity labels, I choose not to confine myself to specific materials and processes. I find myself constantly exploring new ways of working and pouring newly found skills and interests into new projects. 

As a person on the margins, creating raw, honest, and open art is important for the sake of both myself as an individual, as well as my communities. With these works I aim to create a visual representation of singular moments and lapses of time within my body and lived experience.Although my work tends to be extremely personal, it is also in a way universal. Imagine showing the whole world your personal diary. Through text, imagery, and self-portraits, this is what my work is. Documenting and sharing these intimate parts of myself connects me to many other people with similar lived experiences, and allows them to see a true representation of a reflection of themselves, which is something that holds great value in a world that is built against us.

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